Summer 2010

Afternoon Snack

Our first pedigree Beltie of the year was born in April to Boreland Victorerda. She gave us a little bull calf which we have named Allan after the young chap who helped us calve her. She started on in the afternoon up, and down for a few hours, by early evening she was still at it but nothing was happening. After inspection it was decided intervention was the best way forward to get the little blighter out so with the aid of some ropes and a firm grip on either side, little Allan was delivered. As his lifeless body was flung over the gate we all held our breath while he found his. What a relief to see him start taking in life giving air. Our much anticipated first Beltie delivery of the year had to be a toughy didn’t it! At least it had a happy ending.

May bank holiday saw the cows turned out on to the field, kicking their hooves in the air as they romped across the fresh pastures.  Such a lovely time to release the beasts and all that activity bought us another little calf. This time to our Beltie X Limousin, Lotty. Her mum was bulled by a Limmy during the foot and mouth. She doeasn’t quite have a full belt and is rather tall for a Beltie but she throws some lovely little calves and is a pleasant addition to the herd. Another little boy, this time named Luke.

June saw us crop a healthy number of bales for our winter feed. The weather hasn’t been kind and although we had glorious sunshine there wasn’t much water about. Fortunately we had enough for the grass to get a drink and for us to have just enough bales to see us through to next spring.

While we were off silaging up at the hill. Roehead Treasure started our August calving off with a special little heifer we named Maximus Twinkle. We knew she was about to calve any day and so we didn’t like leaving her too ong without observation. Treasure started and finished all within the space of about 2 hours!! Luckily all was well. Twinkle has a cracking belt and is tiny just like Mummy! 3 days later our favourite cow Norah calved Maximus Niamh. Norah was ai-ed to Park Perseus, a mighty fine bull who went on to win his catorgory in the Highland show.  She has a narrow belt similar to Norah’s but it is even all the way round. Norah’s hip isn’t the best which is why we didn’t let the bull to her. We needed to make sure we were there for this one as she may have needed assistance. Norah started one afternoon, again fortunately it was all over within a couple of hours but we were on hand to make sure everything went ok. Max had to remove the bag from Niamh’s nose quick as Norah was a little slow to get up. Later he helped Niamh latch on as she was a little slow on the uptake.

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